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    Amanda Anastasi is a Melbourne poet whose work has been published as locally as the Artist's Lane walls in Windsor to The Massachusetts Review in the US, and is the convener of one of Melbourne’s longest-running poetry readings, La Mama Poetica. She also co-convenes The P Word Sessions at The Motley Bauhaus. Amanda is the author of ‘2012 and other poems’ and the co-author of ‘The Silences' (Eaglemont Press, 2016). She is currently Poet in Residence at the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, where she is writing poetry to raise awareness on ecological issues and the climate crisis.

    Poetry Residencies


    Resident Poet/Research Associate, Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, 2019-2022


    Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, 2018


    Awards / Honours


    First Prize, Words in Winter Trentham Poetry Prize, Newcomer (2017)


    First Prize, The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize, Williamstown Literary Festival, Yasi (2011)


    First Prize, The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize, Williamstown Literary Festival, Oceanic (2010)


    First Prize, C.J. Dennis Poetry Award, Laura Literary Awards SA, Christmas Island (2011)


    Australian Poetry’s Poem of the Week, Original Thought (2012), Untitled (2012)


    Second Prize, Brimbank Writers Festival Awards, Bourke Street (2013)


    Second Prize, Brimbank Writers Festival Awards, One-Thousand-Year-Old Tree (2012)


    Third Prize, W.B. Yeats Poetry Prize in Australia, Last Humans (2016)


    Special Commendation, W.B. Yeats Poetry Prize in Australia, Politicians Discussing Global Warming (2017)


    Highly Commended, Peter Cowan Writer’s Centre Julie Lewis Biennial Awards, First Boats (2011)


    Highly Commended, Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize, Williamstown Lit Festival, Suburban Gardens, (2010)


    Commended, MPU International Poetry Competition, Upon the Extinction of Frogs (2017)


    Commended, Adrien Abbott Poetry Prize, The Solace of Water (2012), Moonlight (2013), Denial (2013), The Unexiled (2016), The Prodigal Ones (2016)


    Commended, Eaglehawk Dahlia Arts & Literary Festival Awards, Sorry, (2011)


    Commended, FAW North Shore Regional Poetry Competition, Lover in Fukushima (2009)


    Shortlisted, Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award, The Anatomy of Your Lie (2016)


    Shortlisted, Page Seventeen Poetry Competition, City Loop Train (2009)


    Judge of the Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize, Williamstown Literary Festival (2012-2015)


    Judge of the Right Now Human Right Poetry Prize (2013)


    Judge of the Henry Lawson Festival Poetry Competition (2019)


    Judging Panel of the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize (2015-2019)


    Judge of the Coal Creek Literary Festival Poetry Prize (2019)


    Conference Papers


    'FEELING THE HEAT: EXPLORING COMPASSION IN CLIMATE CHANGE: The Emotional Impact of Climate Storytelling Through Poetry', History of Emotions Conference, The University of New England, NSW (2019)


    Festivals and Performances


    EMERGING WRITER'S FESTIVAL: 'Creative Responses to the Climate Crisis, Powered by Pecha Kucha' (2020)


  • Poetry Online

    Published poems available to read/view online


    'Melbourne April 2020' in Pendemic


    The Climate Poetry Project


    K'in Literary Journal


    Cordite Poetry Review

    'Interlocutor', 'The First Moments of his Absence', 'Suburban Deer' in Cordite Poetry Review

    2012, 2016, 2018

    Verity La

    'Portrait of a Departed Lady' in Verity La



    'Upon the Extinction of Frogs' in StylusLit



    'Denial' and 'Unexiled' in Optimum Poetry Zine



    'One Line Poems', 'The Anatomy of Your Lie' based on Jessie Imam's 'Untitled' photograph [pictured], 'Last Humans' in foam:e 14


  • Media

    Articles I Reviews I Interviews

    'Hope Despite Climate Change Denialists Indefatigability' by Noel Turnbull, John Menadue - Pearls and Irritations

    "In a sort of unacknowledged legislators of the world program David Holmes, Director of the Monash University Climate Change Communication Research Hub, writes in an annual update on its activities that: 'we are very pleased to launch the work of Amanda Anastasi who has been commissioned by the Hub to write poetry that brings in the science, the politics and the impacts of climate change.' " - Noel Turnbull

    10 Questions for Amanda Anastasi, The Massachusetts Review

    "Poetry, for me, is finding the quiet eye in the storm." - Amanda Anastasi

    'Diamond Scraps of Sound' A review of The Silences by Angela Gardner, foam:e 14

    "A poet needs all their experience, all their senses, all their attention and all the silences to give us this insight. Amanda Anastasi makes this look and sound effortless." - Angela Gardner

    'Collaborations!' Mark Roberts reviews The Silences and Scar to Scar

    "The Audenesque opening of Anastasi’s ‘The Prodigal Ones’ highlights her confidence in constructing near perfect lines and the setting up of unexpected rhythms." - Mark Roberts

    'Best of 2012: The Top 10 Poetic Works' by Ali Alizadeh, Overland Literary Journal

    "A confident and very promising debut." - Ali Alizadeh

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